The UA Celtic Group is a community of Celtic language researchers primarily housed in the Linguistics Department at the University of Arizona. We are a small group of dedicated faculty, graduate and undergraduate students who meet regularly to discuss the linguistic phenomena and trends manifested by these endangered languages. These languages are the medium for rich cultures of literature, song, poetry, history and indigenous knowledge-systems. It is our privilege to study them.


Our work centers on the investigation of Celtic linguistic systems, including initial consonant mutation, VSO syntactic structure, prepositional pronouns, and an intricate tense-aspect system. The heterogeneous methodologies with which we approach this research give us a uniquely comprehensive view of the languages we examine. While academic inquiry motivates much of what we do, we are also dedicated to maintaining the relationships we build with these language communities and developing accessible resources for endangered language learners. 


This website provides an overview of some of the Celtic languages and details the research they have inspired. For more information on the work of the UA Celtic group please contact Dr. Andrew Carnie, carnie@arizona.edu.