ASGP Gàidhlig Data

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Data Type: Naturalistic Data
Conversation 1: MF & JN
2009may7 Convo1-MF_JN.doc251 KB
Conversation 2: MF & NG
2009may7 Convo2-MF_NG.doc145 KB
Data Type: Elicited Data
588-2008-02-28 Constituent Order (continued)
2010summer 588-2008-02-28.doc47 KB
Adger, David (forthcoming) Gaelic Syntax
2009may7 Adger.Syntax.AC_KL.doc144 KB
AT 2008-05-19
2009may7 AT-2008-05-19.doc37 KB
DT 2008
2009may7 DT-Individ.doc93 KB
Andrew Carnie Elicitation 3: Sluicing and Wh-movement
2009may7 AC-MFPPIWh-insituSluicingApril282008andFall2008.xml1.3 MB
SluiceInsituePiedPiping.doc223.5 KB
SluiceInsituePiedPiping_PrepsSynthesis.doc68.5 KB
Andrew Carnie Elicitation 5: Tag Questions
2009may7 AC.5.TagsQuestions.doc24 KB
Andrew Carnie Elicitation 6: Comparative Correlatives
2009may7 AC.6.ComparativeCorrelatives.doc24 KB
Anderson (1910) Data
2009may7 anderson.1910.data_.doc40.5 KB
Borgstrom (1968) Data
2009may7 Borgstrom_1968.xml52.39 KB KB
588-2008-03-25 Compounds
2009may7 588-2008-03-25.doc44 KB
588-2008-04-08 Quantifiers
2009may7 588-2008-04-08.doc44 KB
MacAulay (1992) Scottish Gaelic Language - Complex Prepositions
2009may7 MacAulay1992-Complexprepositions.doc30.5 KB
588-2008-04-10 Quantifiers, Scope, Negatives
2009may7 588-2008-04-10.doc40 KB
588-2008-04-15 Comparatives
2009may7 588-2008-04-15.doc39.5 KB
MacAulay (1992) Scottish Gaelic Language - Imperatives
2009may7 MacAulay1992-Imperatives.doc41 KB
588-2008-04-17 Gapping and Raising
2009may7 588-2008-04-17.doc59 KB
MacAulay (1992) Scottish Gaelic Language - Misc.
2009may7 MacAulay1992-Misc.doc112.5 KB
MacAulay (1992) Scottish Gaelic Language - NP Structure - 123+229a
588-2008-04-21 (Chen-chun E)
MacAulay (1992) Scottish Gaelic Language - Questions
2009may7 MacAulay1992-Questions.doc46.5 KB
588-2008-04-22 Gapping and Raising
2009may7 588-2008-04-22.doc42 KB
588-2008-04-22 Scope, Negation, etc.
2009may7 588-2008-04-22_neg.doc44.5 KB
588-2008-04-29 Frog Story
2009may7 588-2008-04-29 (1).doc43.5 KB
588-2008-04-29 (Chen-chun E)
2009may7 588-2008-04-29.doc43.5 KB
JC 2008-04-21
2009may12 JC-2008-04-21.doc37 KB
JP 2008-04-23
2009may12 JP-2008-04-23.doc39.5 KB
KL 2008-02-28
2009may12 KL 2-28-2008 Followup Extract-Raise-Control.xml80.08 KB
KL-2008-02-28.doc68 KB
KL 2008-03-12
2009may12 KL March 2008 Follow up.xml159.46 KB
KL-2008-03-12.doc71 KB
588-2008-03-28 Psych Predicates
588-2008-04-01 Nominalization One Replacement
2009may12 588-2008-04-01.doc63 KB
588-2008-04-28 (Alex Trueman)
Andrew Carnie Elicitation 4: Levin's Verb Alternations
2009mar4 AC.4.Levin-Recovered.doc133 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.5
2009mar4 SR-2008_05-TMA.doc74.5 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.6
2009mar4 SR-2008_06-TMA.doc47 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.10
2009mar4 SR-2008_10-SheepStory.doc34.5 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.11
2009mar4 SR-2008_11-Negation.doc31.5 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.12
2009mar4 SR-2008_12-Negation.doc42.5 KB
MacAulay (1992) Scottish Gaelic Language - Conjunctions and Subordinate Clause
2009mar4 MacAulay1992-ConjSubo.doc82 KB
Cram (1983) Scottish Gaelic Ann as an aspect particle. Studia Linguistica vol 18/19: 311-329 + short SR Tense Mood aspect elicitation.
2009mar1 Cram83.doc68 KB
KL 2008-10-08
2009mar1 KL-2008-10-08 Demonst.xml10.79 KB
KL-2008-10-08.doc78.5 KB
KL 2008-10-15
2009mar1 KL-2008-10-15 Emph-Contrast.xml134.74 KB
KL-2008-10-15.doc145 KB
KL 2008-10-22
2009mar1 KL-2008-10-22 Reflex.xml5.47 KB
KL-2008-10-22.doc61 KB
Adger (2008) Fracturing the Adjective QMOPAL 4
2009jan6 Adger.2008.Fracturing.Adj_ (1).xml165.44 KB
Adger_2008-Fracturing (1).doc97.5 KB
Adger (2008) Fracturing the Adjective QMOPAL 4
2009jan6 Adger.2008.Fracturing.Adj_.xml165.44 KB
Adger_2008-Fracturing.doc97.5 KB
Adger Psych Nouns Handout
2009jan6 AdgerPsychNouns (1).doc100.5 KB
Adger and Ramchand (2005) Psych Nouns and the Structure of Predication
2009jan6 AdgerRamchand2005PsychNouns.doc49 KB
Adger and Ramchand (2006) Dialect
2009jan6 Adger&Ramchan2006Dialect-done.xml46.03 KB
adger.ramchand.2006.dialect-done.doc40 KB
Anderson (1909) Data
2009jan6 Anderson_1909-1.xml177.28 KB KB
Bowers (2002) Predication. LI 33: 183-224
2009jan6 bowers_2002.xml47.31 KB
Bowers2002.doc22.5 KB
KL 2008-01
2009jan6 KL-2008-01_McCloskeyDemonstatives.xml11.28 KB
KL-2008-01_McCloskeyEmphatics.xml158.68 KB
KL-2008-01_McCloskeyReflexives.xml5.81 KB
Dorian (1973) Grammatical Change. Language 49
2009jan6 Dorian1973.doc41.5 KB
Guild (1990) Comparison of Prep Pronouns in Scots Gaelic & Hungarian. Acta linguistica Hungarica
2009jan6 Guild.doc55 KB
MacAuley (1964) A grammatical approach to ‘is’ and related problems. Scottish Gaelic Studies.
2009jan6 MacAulay64.doc75 KB
MacAulay (1988) On the order of some elements in SG. 1st NA cong on Celt stud.
2009jan6 MacAulay1988data.doc55 KB
Adger (1994) The Licensing of Quasi Arguments n P. Ackema & M. Schoorlemmer
2009jan6 adger_1994_b.xml136 KB
Adger1994_QuasiArgs.doc30 KB
Adger (1997) Deriving the parameterization of the Mapping Hypothesis. in Alexiadou and Hall
2009jan6 Adger1997B_Parameterization.doc31.5 KB
Ramchand (1993) Aspect Phrase in Modern Scottish Gaelic. NELS 92
2009jan6 Ramchand_Gillian_Aspect_1993.xml437.81 KB
Ramchand_1993-AspectPhrase-revised.doc39 KB
Adger (1997) Pronouns
2009jan6 Adger1997PronounsCJL (1).xml70.32 KB
adger.1997.pronouns.CJL_.doc45.5 KB
Adger (1997) VSO and feature fusion at PF, UCL job talk
2009jan6 adger_1997_VSO.xml439.83 KB
Adger1997_UCLJobtalk.doc35.5 KB
Ramchand (1996) Two subject positions in Scottish Gaelic. Natural Language Semantics 4.2
2009jan6 ramchand_1996.xml676.31 KB
Ramchand1996_2subpos_elicited.doc41.5 KB
Ramchand (1998) Deconstructing the Lexicon in Butt & Geuder Argument Projections CSLI
2009jan6 ramchand_1998.xml156.1 KB
Ramchand1998deconstructing.doc31 KB
Adger (2007b) Stress
2009jan6 adger.2007b.stress.doc45 KB
Adger (2007c) Three Domains of Finiteness: a minimalist perspective
2009jan6 KB
Adger2007c_ThreeDomains_0.doc23 KB
Adger (2007c) Three Domains of Finiteness: a minimalist perspective
2009jan6 KB
Adger2007c_ThreeDomains.doc23 KB
588-2008-01-31 Word List (continued)
2008spring 588_SR_Session_3_01-31_0.xml67.6 KB
588-2008-01-31_0.doc28 KB
SR Elicitation 15: Tense, Mood, and Aspect (O. Dahl's Questionaire) IV
2008spring SR-Session_15_0.doc45.5 KB
588-2008-02-05 Simple Sentences
2008spring 588_SR_Session_4_02-05_0.xml144.2 KB
588-2008-02-05_0.doc30 KB
588-2008-02-07 Simple Sentences (continued)
2008spring 588_SR_Session_5_02-07_0.xml215.03 KB
588-2008-02-07_0.doc30.5 KB
588-2008-02-12 Tense
2008spring 588_SR_Session_6_02-12_0.xml486.2 KB
588-2008-02-12_0.doc38 KB
Andrew Carnie Elicitation 1: Basic Clause Structure
2008spring BasicClauseStructure_AC_Sessions1-2.xml3.57 MB
BasicClauseStructure.doc138.5 KB
588-2008-02-14 Tense (continued)
2008spring 588_SR_Session_7_02-14.xml572.9 KB
588-2008-02-14.doc39 KB
Andrew Carnie Elicitation 2: Embedded Clauses
2008spring BasicClauseStructure_ACElicitation2.xml1.44 MB
EmbeddedClauses.doc66.5 KB
588-2008-02-19 Embedded Clauses
2008spring 588-2008-02-19.doc40.5 KB
588-2008-02-21 Embedded Clauses (continued)
2008spring 588-2008-02-21.doc43.5 KB
588-2008-03-11 Ditransitives, Middles
2008spring 588-2008-03-11.doc48.5 KB
588-2008-03-13 Passives, Middles
2008spring 588-2008-03-13.doc53.5 KB
Folli & Ramchand (2001) Getting Results: Motion Constructions in Italian and Scottish Gaelic. WCCFL20 192-205
2008spring folli_ramchand_2001.xml154.57 KB
FolliRamchand.doc31 KB
588-2008-04-03 Adj Order
2008spring 588-2008-04-03.doc65.5 KB
SR Elicitation 01-02: Noun Phrases
2008spring SR-Session_01-02_checked.doc102.5 KB
sr_sessions_01-02.xml189.53 KB
Adger (1994) Functional Heads and Interpretation. Ph.D. Dissertation, U. Edinburgh
2008spring adger_1994.xml232.35 KB
Adger_1994.doc84 KB
SR Elicitation 03: Nouns, Noun Phrases, and Quantifier Phrases
2008spring sr_sessions_03-04_0.xml2.04 MB
SR-Session_03-04-AC_edit_0.doc124.5 KB
SR Elicitation 04: Nouns, Noun Phrases, and Quantifier Phrases
2008spring sr_sessions_03-04.xml2.04 MB
SR-Session_03-04-AC_edit.doc124.5 KB
SR Elicitation 05: Tense, Aspect, and Verbs 'to be'
2008spring sr_sessions_05-07_0.xml1.47 MB
SR-Session_05-07_checked_0.doc96.5 KB
SR Elicitation 06: Tense, Aspect, and Verbs 'to be'
2008spring sr_sessions_05-07 (1).xml1.47 MB
SR-Session_05-07_checked (1).doc96.5 KB
SR Elicitation 07: Tense, Aspect, and Verbs 'to be'
2008spring SR-Session_05-07_checked.doc96.5 KB
sr_sessions_05-07.xml1.47 MB
SR Elicitation 08: Reelicting NPs
2008spring SR-Session_08.doc31.5 KB
588-2008-04-24 Intonation
2008spring 588-2008-04-24.doc35 KB
SR Elicitation 09: Reeliciting Tense, Mood, and Aspect (O. Dahl's Questionaire)
2008spring SR-Session_09.doc37.5 KB
a Ramchand (1996) Mystery Data
2008spring Ramchand1996MysteryData.doc28 KB
SR Elicitation 12: Tense, Mood, and Aspect (O. Dahl's Questionaire) I
2008spring SR-Session_12.doc48 KB
588-2008-01-24 Basic Greetings and Introduction
2008spring 588_SR_Session_1_01-24.xml115.23 KB
588-2008-01-24.doc29 KB
SR Elicitation 13: Tense, Mood, and Aspect (O. Dahl's Questionaire) II
2008spring SR-Session_13.doc38.5 KB
588-2008-01-29 Word List
2008spring 588_SR_Session_2_01-29.xml72.33 KB
588-2008-01-29.doc27.5 KB
SR Elicitation 14: Tense, Mood, and Aspect (O. Dahl's Questionaire) III
2008spring SR-Session_14.doc43 KB
588-2008-01-31 Word List (continued)
2008spring 588_SR_Session_3_01-31.xml67.6 KB
588-2008-01-31.doc28 KB
SR Elicitation 15: Tense, Mood, and Aspect (O. Dahl's Questionaire) IV
2008spring SR-Session_15.doc45.5 KB
588-2008-02-05 Simple Sentences
2008spring 588_SR_Session_4_02-05.xml144.2 KB
588-2008-02-05.doc30 KB
588-2008-02-07 Simple Sentences (continued)
2008spring 588_SR_Session_5_02-07.xml215.03 KB
588-2008-02-07.doc30.5 KB
588-2008-02-12 Tense
2008spring 588_SR_Session_6_02-12.xml486.2 KB
588-2008-02-12.doc38 KB
Adger and Ramchand (2001) Phases and Interpretability WCCFL20
2008sep03 AdgerRamchand2001_elicited.doc49.5 KB
adger_ramchand_2001 (1).xml724.47 KB
Adger and Ramchand (2003) Predication and Equation LI34
2008sep03 AdgerRamchand_2003.doc70.5 KB
Adger (1996) Aspect, Agreement and Measure Phrases. In Borsley, Roberts (EdS): The Syntax of the Celtic Languages. CUP
2008sep03 Adger_1996-Aspect.doc32.5 KB
Ramchand (1993) Dissertation
2008nov1 ramchand.dissertation.doc109 KB
SR Elicitation 10: Transitive Verbs, Modals, and Psyc Verbs
2008nov1 SR-Session_10.doc42.5 KB
SR-Session_10.xml82.95 KB
Adger (2007) Pronouns Postpose at PF. LI38:238-266
2008nov1 Adger.2007.Pronouns.xml55.41 KB
Adger_2007.doc40 KB
SR Elicitation 11: Psyc Verbs and Genitives
2008nov1 SR-Session_11.xml30.7 KB
SR-Session_11.doc31.5 KB
SR Elicitation 18: Scopes, Negatives, etc.
2008nov1 SR-Session_18.doc42.5 KB
SR-Session_18.xml109.39 KB
JC 2008-04-07
2008nov1 JC-2008-04-07.doc34.5 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.1
2008nov1 SR-2008_01.doc43.5 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.2
2008nov1 SR-2008_02.doc37 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.3
2008nov1 SR-2008_03.doc43 KB
SR Elicitation 2008.4
2008nov1 SR-2008_04.doc35.5 KB
KL 2008-02
2008nov1 KL-02-2008-ACedit.doc145 KB
Adger (1996) Subjects and Finiteness in Irish and Scottish Gaelic YRPL
2008may14 Adger_1996b-Subjs_FinitenessYRPL_0.doc66 KB
Adger (1996) Subjects and Finiteness in Irish and Scottish Gaelic YRPL
2008may14 Adger_1996b-Subjs_FinitenessYRPL.doc66 KB
Adger (2000) Feature Checking Under Adjacency. In Borsely Syntactic Categories
2008may14 Adger_2000-featurechecking.doc51 KB
Adger and Ramchand (2005) Merge and Move LI36
2008may14 AdgerRamchand_2005.doc57 KB
588-2008-02-26 Constituent Order
2008may14 588-2008-02-26.doc55.5 KB
Data Type: Complete Texts & Stories
Litir bho Arizona
2009jan6 FisherLitirBhoArizona.doc62.5 KB
Diluain (Monday)
2008apr28 Diluain.doc44.5 KB
Dimàirt (Tuesday)
2008apr28 Dimairt.doc47 KB
Diciadain (Wednesday)
2008apr28 Diciadain.doc43 KB
Diardaoin (Thursday)
2008apr28 Diardaoin.doc43 KB
Dihaoine (Friday)
2008apr28 Dihaoine.doc49.5 KB