The Celtic Group at the University of Arizona, headed by Profs Mike Hammond, Diane Ohala and Andrew Carnie have been researching the modern Celtic languages for nearly 15 years. The research group has sponsored a large number of Graduate students and has addressed a wide range of phenomena from language revitalization to phonetics to formal syntax. 

The most recent project of the group is an on-going talk series called "Foundational Approaches to Celtic languages" which brings together an interdisciplinary group of linguists from around the world to present virtually over Zoom about their research. More information and recordings of the talks can be found here:

Our older research projects include the following

  • The Audiovisual Corpus of Scottish Gaelic
  • Welsh Initial Consonant Mutations
  • Scottish Gaelic Consonant Mutations
  • Instrumental Analysis of Scottish Gaelic Phonology 
  • Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics
  • A description and base of Scottish Gaelic Morphosyntax
  • The Scottish Gaelic Grammar Wiki
  • Irish and Scottish Gaelic Nominal Declension. 


The following are links to put in of the above pages along with other stuff.

  • September 15, 2015 - February 28, 2019. National Science Foundation (BCS1453724) Experimental and Descriptive Investigations of Welsh (cym) Consonant Mutations. Michael Hammond (PI), Diana Archangeli, Andrew Carnie, Diane Ohala, Adam Ussishkin, Andy Wedel, Peredur Webb-Davies, and Heddwen Brooks (CoPIs)

  • April 2015 -  April 2017. National Science Foundation (BCS1500220) Collaborative Research: An Audio-visual corpus of Scottish Gaidhlig (GLA). Co PIs: Hammond, Fisher. Collaborative proposal with Ian Clayton at the University of Nevado Reno.

  • April 2012 -  Sept 2015. National Science Foundation (BCS11443818) Experimental and descriptive investigations of Gàidhlig Initial Consonant Mutation. Co PIs: Archangeli, Hammond, Ussishkin, Warner.

  • August 2011 – December 2011. National Science Foundation (BCS1136921) Instrumental and Experimental Analysis of Scottish Gaelic Phonology and Phonetics (Welsh Supplement) Co PI: Michael Hammond 

  • July 15, 2009-July 14, 2012. National Science Foundation (BCS0921685). Instrumental and Experimental Analysis of Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig; gla) Sound Structures Co-PIs: Michael Hammond, Natasha Warner, Diana Archangeli, Muriel Fisher (University of Arizona).

  • September 2008 – February 2010. National Science Foundation (BCS0819117). Workshop and Mini-Course on Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics Tucson, Arizona, March 1-8th, 2009. 

  • June 2007 – May 2009. National Science Foundation (BCS0639059). A Description and Database of Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig; gla) Morphosyntax.